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HellFire 24 - Are  you All In?

Even from a safe distance, when a rocket three times your height roars up from the Salt Flats to 25,000 feet in less than a minute, you feel a blast of heat, you feel the ground shake and you feel raw excitement.

HellFire, sponsored by the Utah Rocket Club (UROC), is one of few remaining events where launching rockets to that height is even permitted. UROC must obtain special clearance for the event, which takes place this year August 1-4, 2019.

Though HellFire is technically an amateur launch, we’re talking serious rocketry here. Participants from around the country launch rockets ranging from foot-tall wonders to towering monsters that weigh in at over 100 pounds, feature high-tech electronics, use a propellant similar to that used on the space shuttle, and lift off with hundreds of pounds of pure thrust.

Now in its 24th year, HellFire continues to grow. Many people attend not to launch, but simply for the thrill of watching. Between launches, visitors enjoy examining rockets and components close-up and speaking with the experts who build and launch them.

Spectator admission to HellFire is free and the public is welcome to come watch.

HellFire will be held on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah. Take Exit 4 on Interstate 80 and follow easy-to-spot signs. The event takes place 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, August 1 through Sunday, August 4.

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About the Bonneville Salt Flats

Learn about the HellFire launch site, the famous Bonneville Salt Flats

Who are the companies and groups that make HellFire possible? 

All kinds of challenges and contests for all kinds of flyers at HellFire.
Fly-it/Take-it Program

We need your help with this year's "Fly-it/Take-it program. 

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Bonneville Salt Flats
Bonneville Salt Flats

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Welcome to Rocketry in Utah

The Utah Rocket Club (UROC) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of safe and fun activities for people of all ages through the sport, science, and hobby of rocketry.

Some of our members emphasize scale modeling and fine detail in their projects while others care more for brute force and sheer power. Some rockets are very simple in their design and use basic single parachute recovery systems. Other rockets are extremely complex using clustered or staged motors, advanced electronics, multiple parachute events and even radio control and on-board video transmission. Whatever your particular interest in hobby rocketry, UROC can contribute.

Under the umbrella of our two national sanctioning organizations the National Association of Rocketry and the Tripoli Rocketry Association UROC members launch rockets ranging from the smallest scale models to custom designed high power rockets taller than a person and capable of reaching altitudes of tens of thousands of feet.

UROC members enjoy benefits such as international contest eligibility, accident insurance, access to a huge array of technical resources and much more.

The Utah Rocket Club also supports youth activities through education. UROC will present demonstration launches and/or static displays for youth groups, nonprofit organizations, holidays, special events, etc. 

UROC holds monthly meetings, construction workshops, field trips and (most important) rocket launches. Our launches conform to the standards set forth in the Tripoli, NAR Model and High Power Safety Codes.

Annual UROC membership dues are $20.00 for an individual and $30.00 for a family membership.

Membership is due on an annual basis.

Summer of Space (SLC Library)

SLC County Library Summer of Space

May 2019 Cinco De Launcho

May 2019 Cinco De Mayo Launcho

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Frank Hunt Field (UROC Launch Site)
Frank Hunt Field (UROC Launch Site)