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Tim Doll's - Saturn V

Home Base: Everett, WA

Rocket Name: Saturn V

Diameter: 10 inch
Length: 9 feet
Weight: 43 lbs

Motor: AT M1297?
Proj. Alt: 4,300 ft.

David writes: 
I celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 with my successful NAR Level 3 High Power Certification, June 22 at NXRS.

Semi scale Saturn V (~1/40th scale), 10 inches diameter, 9 feet tall, 43 pounds at liftoff on an Aerotech M1297W motor (Saturn V built from a Skunkworks/Polecat kit). Flew to 4,215 ft. and recovered undamaged (aside from some expected scorching of the paint on the outboard nozzles).

Special thanks to NAR mentor and observers Jim Wilkerson and Jack Caynon, Jack's son Jack Jr. who helped me set up and recover, Mark at Stickshock23 (decals), Scott Binder who sold me the M1297 reload and loaned me the needed motor casing when mine got backordered, Dale Woodard of Washington Aerospace Club who enabled me to source the OOP Saturn V kit, and of course my wife Middle who allows me to indulge in such things 😀.

Photos all courtesy of Gary Goncher.