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Pad Manager

Primary Responsibility

The High-Power Range Manager manages the range other than the Away Cells and the Model Rocket Area, ensuring that safe practices are followed.

Reports to

Range Safety Officer:


Adult Tripoli or NAR Member in good standing

Job Description

The High-Power Range Manager manages which flyers who have passed the Flight Safety Review go to which bank of pads.

Check the credentials of each flyer.

Check the flight card of each flyer.

Confirm that the motor is appropriate for the bank of High-Power pads selected.

Assign a group of 1-8 flyers who have passed the Flight Safety Review to a bank of High-Power pads.

Determine whether it is safe to allow the Pad Manager to enter the range with a group of flyers.

Receive the flight cards from the Pad Manager.

When the designated bank of High-Power pads is ready for launch, and the minimum distance for the highest motor for the applicable bank of pads is clear, deliver the flight cards to the LCO, sorted from 1-8

Allow flyers to recover rockets in the High-Power Range when it is safe to do so. Refer flyers whose rockets come down in the Away Cell Range to the Away Cell Manager.

Youth under 18 are not permitted outside the Model Rocket Area unless they have a membership card from Tripoli identifying them as a participant in the Tripoli Mentor Program. Tripoli does not recognize an equivalent NAR program. A Tripoli Mentor Program participant must be supervised by a certified Adult Member.

Only members of NAR and Tripoli may enter the High-Power portions of the range for any purpose, even to assist with loading or recovering a rocket. This is required by Tripoli’s insurance and cannot be waived.