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 UTAH ROCKET CLUB      Utah Tripoli Prefecture / NAR Section 523

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HomeContests at HellFire

Contests at HellFire

Just for fun, many of the participants like to have a little bit of light-hearted, rivalry action going on during their stay on the salt. Here are the contests taking place at this year's HellFire. 

Cedar Mountains Salty C

Cedar Mountains Salty C

The goal of this challenge is to launch a rocket as high as possible on a single C motor. 

The Alphabet Challenge

Alphabet Contest

The challenge is to fly the same rocket on as many different letters in the alphabet as possible.

Outstanding Rocket Design

Outstanding Rocket Design

Princess Awesome wants to see just how fabulous you can make your rocket look for launch time.

Donner Party Challenge

Donner Party ChallengeFly a rocket, recover the rocket, return the rocket and then enjoy a nice refreshing drink. 

Mile High Fly

Mile High FlyClosest to 5280’ WITHOUT GOING OVER!! This can be achieved with any class motor/rocket.