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The Mile High Fly

Mile High FlyThe point of this is closest to 5280’ WITHOUT GOING OVER!! This can be achieved with any class motor/rocket provided it adheres to NAR/Tripoli safety standards and that the contestant's rocket is reviewed and signed off by the contest director prior to the attempt. 

A contestant can try as many times as they like, however, each entry requires a new contest flight card which can be purchased from the contest director.

Altimeters are provided by Jolly Logic
Jolly Logic

Entry Information

A Special Flight card will be issued for the contest flight.


Rocket electronics MUST be Inspected by the event judge Before the Flight. They will sign off on your Special Flight Card.

Altitude must verified by the judge Immediately after Recovery.

Build and fly a model rocket that will reach as close to 5,280 feet AGL without going over.

In the event of a tie, the flyer with the Lowest motor impulse and/or least number of attempted flights will win

Build Constraints

The rocket must be stable and constructed with materials approved by NAR or Tripoli, you may also use a kit.

Prizes will be awarded