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Cedar Mountains Salty C Contest

Salty CThe Bonneville Salt Flats are the salty remains of the ancient lake Bonneville. The fact that you are launching a rocket in this contest indicates that you appreciate the stark white beauty of this unique environment. The Salt Flats are bordered on the East by a low range of mountains called the Cedar Mountains.

More than likely, you crossed over the Cedar Mountains on I-80 coming from the East. The Cedar Mountains Wilderness Area is home to wild horses and a variety of wildlife that inhabits this stark landscape surrounded by higher ranges of mountains.


The goal is to launch a rocket as high as possible on a single C motor.

A Special Flight card will be issued for the contest flight.

Rocket electronics MUST be Inspected by the event judge Before the Flight. They will sign off on your Special Flight Card.

Altitude must be verified by the judge Immediately after recovery.

There are no design restrictions on the rocket, but care must be taken that the rocket can carry an altimeter payload and be recovered safely.

There are a few small altimeters on the market and contestants should contact one of our vendors to make sure that they have the necessary equipment.  

The Fine Print

You must be a current member of NAR or Tripoli and you of course need to be certified for the motor size you are planning to fly.

UROC will have a few altimeters available to use under a "You break it, you buy it policy"  Availability of the altimeters will be dependent on use and how many people have lost or broken them before you.