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Apogee Rockets - Tim VanMilligan Why and what Tim and the rest of the crew at Apogee do is not by accident. Rocketry is ALL they do. They don't carry airplanes, RC cars, or trains. They specialize in just one thing: "Model Rockets." Period!

Apogee gets what rocketry is really about. They want to prove to you that they are different and worthy of your business. You'll find tons of information and useful tips that you can use to make your rocketry activity a pleasurable one.

Tim and the rest of the crew at Apogee have put together a source for rocketry supplies and parts that can't be found anywhere else. They have some unique items that just aren't available anywhere else. Not only do they sell other company's products they have some of their own that have become vital tools in the hobby.

When you order from their store, you'll also find that they continue the experience by providing you with outstanding service. You're a valuable customer and they will treat you as such. Check out their product guarantee and "speedy shipping" guarantee. And while you are at it check out their Frequent Flyer Program that explains the other things we do to earn your continued business.

Apogee Rockets
4960 Northpark Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: 719-535-9335