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Event image Date Title Venue Category
Equipment Party Updated
03/03/18 - Party/Workshops
March Member Meeting
03/12/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
Spring Launch 2018
03/17/18 - 03/18/18 Frank Hunt Field Launches
UROC Night with the Utah Grizzlies
03/24/18 Maverik Center Party/Workshops
Ken Eva Memorial Competition
04/07/18 Frank Hunt Field NAR Competition
April Member Meeting
04/09/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
Cinco De Mayo Launch
05/05/18 - 05/06/18 Frank Hunt Field Launches
Spring Fling 2018 Competition
05/12/18 Frank Hunt Field NAR Competition
Admin Meeting
05/14/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
05/16/18 - 05/20/18 Maddox Dairy Farms Launches
Pioneer 2018 Competition
06/02/18 Frank Hunt Field NAR Competition
06/11/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
UROC Summer Picnic
07/09/18 - Party/Workshops
HellFire 23
08/02/18 - 08/05/18 Bonneville Salt Flats Launches
09/10/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
September Launch 2018
09/15/18 - 09/16/18 Frank Hunt Field Launches
Admin Meeting
10/08/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
Fall Launch 2018
10/20/18 Frank Hunt Field Launches
11/12/18 Salt Lake County Complex Meetings
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Equipment Party Updated

Due to the president being a complete and total wimp, we are going to reschedule this to a week later in hopes that the weather will be a little bit warmer than it is right now. We will be pulling t…
09:00 AM

March Member Meeting

We will be discussing range safety and familiarization with our launch equipment. Anyone that's planning on attending the March launch should plan on coming to this meeting. We will have our regular…

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The Utah Rocket Club is an Not for Profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe and fun activities for people of all ages through the sport, science, and hobby of rocketry. The Utah Rocket Club supports the community through educational presentations, demonstration launches and displays for youth groups, nonprofit organizations, etc.

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